Tapas Magazine #16 'Anthony Bourdain'

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The new Tapas honours the great American chef Anthony Bourdain with a simple, monochrome cover. Inside he is honoured through a series of iconic photographs and a obituary to the 'stylish rogue' who changed the gastronomic landscape. Elsewhere we get to sample the food from the affordable food joints of NYC, read an eye-opening article on Elvis Presley's diet (pass the Percodan) and get to tour the unique culinary scene in Chiang Mai.


Dished up bi-monthly, Tapas Magazine is a food magazine which brings us culinary stories from all over the world. Starting with snacks and moving to mains, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.


The drawings from Amaia Araazola's illustrated journal, documenting the food, places and people she found on a month long trip to Japan.

Tapas Magazine #16 'Anthony Bourdain'