Taking Back Control | Reece Garcia

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 'You never had it so good, the favourite phrase of those who've always had it better' ('Bring it Down!', The Redskins).


Subtitled 'Putting work, money, politics, and the media in the hands of the people', 'Taking Back Control' (by Reece Garcia, lecturer in industrial relations at Manchester Met), considers a possible future where we are freed from the divisions and inequality that keep us in our place. 


This is a lucid and thought-provoking piece of political writing, and through chapters which look at work, money, politics, and the media, it guides us succinctly across the calamitous and unjust terrain of British capitalism. Garcia does a great job of making visible the inequalities present in our everyday lives, condensing down the policies and practices of a ruling elite that have set us in place. 


An impassioned, well-researched and accessible read - and one that, importantly, envisions a hopeful alternative for all of us.


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Size: 155 x 234mm

Pages: 265

Publisher: Book Guild

Taking Back Control | Reece Garcia