Svartmalmur - Icelandic Black Metal

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We always know that we're going to get something special with a new Ditto release, and 'Svartmalmur: Icelandic Black Metal' is a Nordic cracker. Svartmalmur is a unique portrait of Iceland's black metal scene through the lens of photographer Verði ljós (also founder of black metal project, Wormlust). 

Taken over a period of three years, the project weaves together documentary and landscape photography with fiction to create an up close and personal view of a cloaked and mysterious world.

This is a sumptuous publication. Litho printed with pages of beautiful black and gold inks, a gold foiled hard cover and changes of paper stock throughout, this feels like an a very special artefact of a very singular scene.

Size: 184 x 265mm

Pages: 112 (offset litho)

Publisher: Ditto Press

Edition: First (limited to 500 copies)

Svartmalmur - Icelandic Black Metal