Suburban Herbarium | William Arnold

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The Suburban Herbarium presents us with a series of one hundred black and white plates of plants, grasses and ferns found on one small geographical plot on the outskirts of Truro - a slice of unofficial countryside, a hybrid of rural and urban, that Arnold walks on his lunchtime breaks.


These are the overlooked plants that grow in the cracks and nooks. Arnold presents them here in a style that resembles old-style negatives, a style that reminds us of the very origins of photography while also raising the everyday and invisible to the sublime.

With a foreword by British author and naturalist Mark Cocker, and an essay by British curator and author Val Williams placing the work within the historical context of botanical photography.


Size: 142 x 234mm (paperback with flaps)

Pages: 128

Publisher: Uniformbooks


Suburban Herbarium | William Arnold
Suburban Herbarium | William Arnold