Soviet Space Dogs

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Laika, Belka and Strelka are pioneers of the space programme, four legged, canine cosmonauts. This book is dedicated to these dogs, whose service was pivotal to the early successes of the Russian space programme. Photogenic and furry, these street dogs were perfect beta testers for the preliminary flights into space.

This fantastic book captures the passion for these space pooches in the aftermath of these first flights (Laika sadly dying and becoming a patriotic sacrifice and Belka and Strelka returning to fame). Inside there are the posters, toys, ceramics, postage stamps, sweet wrappers and tea cards which celebrated their amazing feat. A tale told in ephemera of how street dogs became heroes.

Beautifully published by Fuel in this hardback edition with text by Olesya Turkina, Senior Research Fellow at the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

Size: 205 x 125mm

Pages: 240

Publisher: Fuel

Binding: Hardback


Soviet Space Dogs by Fuel Publishing