Sound Mag #4

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Sound Mag is an independent publication immersed in the world of sound system culture. The music, and those who make it - the sound systems, the DJs, and producers, run through these pages strongly, but Sound Mag also aims to showcase the designers, filmmakers, illustrators, photographers, and promoters, that help create and sustain this rich culture. It's a holistic look at a scene that doesn't get the attention it should. 


Issue 4 brings us an interview with dub producer Jacin and a catch-up with Roots Daughters, there's a 101 intro to sound system acoustics, a photo project exploring the sound system scene in Sao Paulo, and a proper sit down with Bradford's Rootsman.


A highlight for us is the illustration of sound systems by Chek Selectah - taking us from Duke Vin in the '50s to Iration Steppas in the '90s.



Sound Mag #4 | Colours May Vary