Sociotype Journal #1 | The Gesture

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Thumbs up. The inaugural issue of Sociotype, a new and beautiful magazine that is part culture magazine, part type specimen, is all about 'the gesture'. Inside, over ten essays and seven image-led articles, you'll find ruminations on flicking the vees, thoughts on the origins of the clenched fist salute, an essay on gesture-driven user interfaces, and a fascinating article on sign language poetry.


If that wasn't enough, there's an 18-page exploration of the foundry's own Gestura typeface - including a conversation with the designers and a beautiful breakdown of the typeface's characteristics.


224 PAGES · 210 × 275 MM
ISSN 2754-7698



Produced by the London-based type foundry that it shares its name with, Sociotype is a new platform for thoughts on culture and society, that also happens to be a type specimen.



Sociotype is a thing of beauty - from its foil-embossed fold-out cover to the sumptuous Fedrigoni paper that holds the text and image.

Sociotype Journal #1 | The Gesture | Colours May Vary
Sociotype Journal #1 | The Gesture
Sociotype Journal #1 | The Gesture
Sociotype Journal #1 | The Gesture