Soccerbible #13 'The Wavy Issue'

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Another fine Messi. Lionel Messi is the inspiration and centre of the new Soccerbible, which is a celebration of the Argentinian's career. Inside there is an interview with the man himself and one with his former Barca boss Pep Guardiola. this is a talent stuffed issues, with Dominic Calvert-Lewis, Callum Wilson, Jonathan Panzo and Samuel Umtiti all getting in on the action. 


The tagline for this quarterly football magazine is 'The new soccer culture' and we couldn't really argue. This is soccer writ large, encompassing all aspects of cultural life, including fashion, film, art, design and, of course, footie. SoccerBible is over 200 pages of lovingly produced print about the beautiful game, and we can only say amen to that.


A New Wavy section bringing to light all the new talent from Spurs, Man City, palace, Arsenal and ... Reading.

Soccerbible #13 'The Wavy Issue' - Colours May Vary