Small Bee Block (yellow) - Green&Blue.

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90% of our bee population do not live in colonies, have a queen or produce honey - these creatures are known as solitary bees. Solitary bees are amazing pollinators and we need to look out for them.

These beautiful bee blocks from Cornish company Green&Blue make perfect nesting sites for solitary bees and will look great in your garden. Afraid of bees? Don't fret, solitary bees have no honey or queen to protect, don't swarm and so are much happier guys to have around.

The bee population is in decline, so this portable housing solution is a small way to make a big difference. The perfect eco gift for you, your garden and your friendly, neighbourhood bees.


Cast in concrete, using up to 70% waste material from the Cornish China clay industry.

65mm x 70mm x 105mm.

Approx 1.1 kg



Small Bee Block (yellow) - Green&Blue.
Small Bee Block (yellow) - Green&Blue.