Slanted Tokyo

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The new Slanted takes off for Tokyo, a city of cultural extremes and, from the look of it , an amazing cultural and creative scene. Slanted dive into this scene to introduce us to some amazing studios and creatives over 100 glossy pages, including: 

&Form, Shin Akiyama, Tatsuya Ariyama, Dainippon Type Organization, Terada Hideji, Hitomi Sago Design Office, Ian Lynam Design, IDEA, KIGI, MATZDA OFFICE / USIWAKAMARU, Nakagaki Design Office, OMOMMA, PULP, Yoshihisa Shirai, TSDO, Yosuke 

With an additional 90+ pages of interviews and essays, this issue is a complete joy and an absolute must for Japanophiles and graphic design nuts alike.


A graphic design publication which each issue takes a country/city as a jumping off point in which to examine creative output. Combining highly visual content with essays and articles to the rear, Slanted is both for the eyes and the brain. And at over 250 pages, both get a treat.


With essays on an alternative history of Japanese design, the influence of Buddhism on creative output and the typography of early Japanese video games - this is as good for your head as it is your eyes.

Slanted #31 Tokyo