Slanted #37 | Artificial Intelligence

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The new Slanted considers the impacts of A.I. and its subsets, machine and deep learning, and considers everything from virtual to augmented realities, and how these technologies may change our lives, jobs, and social relationships altogether. 


Almost 300 (analogue) pages bring us chapters covering everything from glitch to transhumanism, with each section presenting us with the work of artists and designers working at the digital algorithmic coalface


The impact of Artificial Intelligence on design and how these technologies can change our lives in one issue.



A graphic design publication in which each issue takes a country/city/subject as a jumping-off point in which to examine the creative output. Combining highly visual content with essays and articles to the rear, Slanted is both for the eyes and the brain. And at over 250 pages, both get a treat.



The covers by CROSSLUCID - each unique, a blending of portraiture, still life, and expressionistic topography

Slanted #37 | Artificial Intelligence | Colours May Vary
Slanted #37 | Artificial Intelligence
Slanted #37 | Artificial Intelligence
Slanted #37 | Artificial Intelligence