Slanted #35 Los Angeles

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In the new issue of Slanted we venture from the old guard of Europe to the sprawling, shiny (and slightly smoggy) metropolitan sprawl of Los Angeles. Hollywood, optimism, eternal sunshine and concrete all wait for us in the City of Angels, as do a raft of artists, designers and teachers, all ready to showcase their brilliant works. 

In a stuffed 256 pages, you'll also find interviews, essays, pages of illustrations and a pullout featuring the best Californian typefaces!



A graphic design publication which each issue takes a country/city as a jumping-off point in which to examine the creative output. Combining highly visual content with essays and articles to the rear, Slanted is both for the eyes and the brain. And at over 250 pages, both get a treat.


Extra video interview material available here!

Slanted #35 Los Angeles