Skateism #7 | An Issue Focusing On Mental Health

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How are you feeling today? A question so simple, yet so powerful. It’s time for all of us to listen to the mental health conversation and do better. This is why in this issue we spoke with people from our community about their experiences, in hope to not only educate ourselves but also to raise awareness about this issue. When someone is struggling, make sure to be there for them.

Issue 7 features Annie Guglia, Peach, Melissa Williams, Will Ascott from Free Movement Skateboarding, Aaron Herrington, Kim Sedman, Karl Watson, Yaz Wilkerson, Manny Santiago, Lucy Raemers from The Ben Raemers Foundation, Brandon Turner, Kim Wibbelt and Stefani Nurding.
Photographers: Ryan Lebel, Kristoffer Kumar, Grant McLachlan, Leon Bester, Giovanni Reda, Joseph Rubio, Brian Shamanski, Luis Ferrá, Rafal Wojnowski, Richard West, Wes Tonascia, Seu Trinh, Boubacar Aziz Dembélé, Henrik Biemer, Christian Trippe.


In their own words 'SKATEISM is a platform for the underground and overlooked, the weird and the wonderful.'. This is a mag about community, diversity and difference within skateboarding.

Skateism #7 | An Issue Focusing On Mental Health