Skateism #6 | An Educational Issue About Race

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Our introduction to Skateism is with this amazing issue that shares the stories of 9 skaters of colour from across the globe. Each shares their diverse experiences and their thoughts on the BLM movement with guest editor Dr. Neftalie Williams, a sociologist investigating global issues of diversity, identity, and youth empowerment through action sports culture. 

Informative, passionate and thoughtful and part of a conversation that needs to keep being circulated.

Includes: Mike John, Nassim Guammaz, Khule Ngubane, Jaime Reyes, Maicol Cortez, Sal Barbier, Seu Trinh, Samarria Brevard and Thomas Teixeira.



In their own words 'SKATEISM is a platform for the underground and overlooked, the weird and the wonderful.'. This is a mag about community, diversity and difference within skateboarding.



it was that cover that drew is in - thanks for that smile Samarria!

Skateism #6 | An Educational Issue About Race | Colours May Vary