Sidetracked Magazine #12

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As we bake in 30˚ the cool blue water of the river Elwha on the cover of the latest Sidetracked looks mightily appealing... although we might forgo the 45 miles of paddling that the team undertook to travel it's length! Elsewhere in another white knuckle issue, you'll find encounters with a venomous pit viper in the humid Guyana jungle, a battle with unexpected ice on the Great Himalayan Trail and a window into the world of 'guidebooking', which in this case is running 25 exhausting routes in a territory in Utah which covers more than a million acres. We're sure this room has just jumped up a few degrees...


High octane globetrotting thrills and adventuring to the outer limits has never looked so good.


After so much adrenalin, we think fly fishing in the Pyrenees sounds just the ticket. 

Sidetracked Magazine #12