Sandwich #6 | The Leftovers Issue

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Perfectly timed seasonal fare. The new sandwich wrestles with lovely leftovers to bring us an issue stuffed to the gunnels, like a pre-Christmas fridge.

Inside, Tom Kerridge forms a starting IX from leftover sandwich ingredients, some of the world's most dynamic chefs tell us about their favourite leftover inventions, and food writer and chef (and cover star) Gizzi Erskine knocks up an incredible gut busting snack based on the infamous Muffuletta sandwich.




Published by TCO in London (Little White Lies & Huck), Sandwich magazine takes an iconic sandwich and uses it as a lens for cultural essays, features, photo stories and more.


Size: 194 x 268mm

Pages: 82



Sandwich #6 | The Leftovers Issue | Colours May Vary