Rituals & Declarations - Winter 2020/21 (Vol.2, Issue 1)

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Appearing in the weeks following on from the 2019 General Election, Rituals & Declarations was published with a view to exploring potential and progressive futures through art and writing. In doing so it urged us to step out of the prosaic day-to-day and embrace the strange and the weird in order to try to imagine viable alternatives to the Capitalist Realism that cloaks all of our lives.

In issue 2 of the latest volume - Cormac Pentecost writes about the folklore of the edgelands, Allyson Shaw recounts the story of 'the most famous witch in the British Isles, Isobel Cowrie, and Bobby K presents us with a guide to surviving the seaside in the wake of Brexit. Elsewhere you'll find fiction pieces, advice on collecting Buddhist amulets and wyrd wanderings with Tatoo Labyrinth Dave.

This is issue 5 in a proposed series of 8.

Rituals & Declarations - Winter 2020/21  (Vol.2, Issue 1) | Colours May Vary