Rituals & Declarations - Spring 2021 (Vol.2, Issue 2)

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Appearing in the weeks following on from the 2019 General Election, Rituals & Declarations was published with a view to exploring potential and progressive futures through art and writing. In doing so it urged us to step out of the prosaic day-to-day and embrace the strange and the weird in order to try to imagine viable alternatives to the Capitalist Realism that cloaks all of our lives.


Inside the new issue, you'll find writings on the influence of utopias & dystopias on the British imagination, ruminations on the idea of blood sacrifice, a brief history of acid folk, and reminiscences from a once warder of the London Dungeon.


This is issue 6 in a proposed series of 8.

Rituals & Declarations - Spring 2021  (Vol.2, Issue 2) | Colours May Vary