Riding Modern Art

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This must be one of the best books out there on the coming together of skateboarding and modern art. Ok, that might be in a very small genre, but this is a very good book.

Raphael Zarka (once an art tour guide and himself a skater) has, in 'Riding Modern Art' compiled 74 photographs of skaters skating on public art pieces. These have been sourced from magazines, or from web pages in a process that took almost ten years to complete.

This large format book is beautifully published with each black and white photograph meticulously captioned with the name/year of the sculpture and the name of the skater/trick being performed. A beautiful melding of metal, stone, heelflip, fakie and ollie.

Size: 220 x 300mm

pages: 152 

Publisher:Editions B42

Binding: Softback


Riding Modern Art by Raphael Zarks - skateboarding & sculpture