Record Culture Magazine #6

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Inside: Record Culture

The new issue of the always excellent Record Culture Magazine finds time to chat with musical mavericks with great pedigree. Inside there are interviews with Kenji Takimi, one of Japan's most sought after DJ's, California-based DJ and producer Heidi Lawden, French fashion designer Christophe Lemaire and former Studio 54 DJ Nicky Siano. 

You’ll also find Cale Sexton, Vidal Benjamin, Georgia, Matthew Higgs, Yasmina Dexter, Ivan Berko.


Music intersects with art, design, fashion, culture... everything; Record Culture Magazine brings us the people who operate at this junction, creating music that operates left of centre of the ... norm. Expect long-form interviews, beautiful photography and fascinating insights.


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Record Culture Magazine #6 - Colours May Vary