Record Culture Magazine #5

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The new issue of the always excellent Record Culture Magazine finds time to chat with musical mavericks with great pedigree. Inside there are interviews with Kim Ann Foxman (formerly of Hercules and love Affair), Eddie Ruscha (formally of noise band Medicine), Joe Goddard (Hot Chip main man) and Jonnine Standish (HTRK and creator of a VR ghost train!).

You’ll also find Suso Saiz, Alexis Le-Tan, Ron Morelli, Andee Frost, Paramida, Phil Mison, Justin Van Der Volgen and Ruggero Pietromarchi! Being at home amongst their own decks and discs seems to bring out the best from these fascinating folk – and issue 4 is the best yet.


Music intersects with art, design, fashion, culture... everything; Record Culture Magazine brings us the people who operate at this junction, creating music that operates left of centre of the ... norm. Expect long-form interviews, beautiful photography and fascinating insights.


Keith Haring party invites!

Record Culture Magazine #5