Real Review #9 'End Times'

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End Times. 'An ongoing incremental adaptation to a state of perpetual uncertainty. 

This issue is about releasing old ideas and preparing to grasp the new in an attempt to create a different relationship with the future. Inside there are articles about the pursuit of prolonged sexual pleasure, the dark figure of forced labour and human trafficking, the story and development of Extinction Rebellion and a particularly chilling review of the decade. Elsewhere you'll find an interview with Ryuichi Sakamoto, and a review of art therapy and neurodiversity by Cressida Brotherstone and Harley Weir.


Edited by architect Jack Self and innovatively designed by OK-RM, this is an unashamedly intelligent and never less than fascinating read.


Take your own blue planet with you wherever you go with an optical artwork courtesy of Olafur Eliasson.

Real Review #9 'End Times' - Colours May Vary