Real Review #11 'What to Believe'

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Let's start with a quote from this issue of Real Review.

"The pandemic is an ongoing tragedy at every scale. Yet this collective trauma has become an excuse for global capital to accelerate the total commodification of everyday life. Everything is for sale. There is more merchandise than love, more sponsored content than truth. All hobbies are side hustles. Our networks are our net worth. Friendships are commercial partnerships."

In this fog, we lose our way, we lose a sense of what is true, we lose our ability to decide what to believe.



Edited by architect Jack Self and innovatively designed by OK-RM, this is an unashamedly intelligent and never less than fascinating read.



A free scratch card artwork by Helen Marten. Scratch and win (1% chance) or scratch and lose (99% chance and ruin the artwork). Genius.

Real Review #11 'What to Believe' | Colours May Vary