Potluck Zine #6 | Authenticity

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The new issue of Potluck dwells on the idea of authenticity - what it is, does it affect how we think of food, and what does an authentic dish even look like?


Inside, you'll find articles on the ever-changing and evolving spag bol, memories of the wonderfully eccentric Fanny Craddock, an expose on careless appropriation tactics in the food sector, and a meditation on learning to love British-Indian cuisine. Elsewhere - tiramisu recipes, nostalgic dal (or dhal), proper pizza and lots, lots more.



Potluck is an independent print and digital zine all about cooking, eating, and sharing food. 


Size: 149 x 210mm

Pages: 118

Potluck Zine #6 | Authenticity | Colours May Vary