Positive News #104 'Alive and Glittering'

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 The new Positive News reports on how kindness continues to thrive, even during times of extreme duress. Inside we meet CoppaFeel founder and cancer survivor Kris Hallenga, who talks about reaching our potential, there's a focus on how young people are returning to unions and launching new ones, and there's a profile on 5 teams who launched businesses during Lockdown.

Elsewhere you'll find the people of colour inspiring others to connect to the natural world, an article on how we can treat divorce as a positive transition and 2 pages of positive statistics!



Positive News is a quality independent publication which brings us 'Constructive Journalism' in the form of good news, progress, possibility and solutions.



A report that finds that the people of the UK are more united than the mainstream press would have us believe.

Positive News #104 'Alive and Glittering' / Colours May Vary