Popular Front #1

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Popular Front is the magazine of the grassroots media organisation of the same name, and focuses on conflict journalism from across the globe.


Issue #1 gets on the ground amidst the violence of East Congo's armed M23 militia, takes a look at the 3D-printed weapons workshops taking place in Idlib, Syria, profiles the most militant group in history (The Regional Committee for viticultural Action), and enters the Lion's Den, a new militant resistance group fighting the Israeli government.


Elsewhere - the development of the camera shy hoodie, the Ukraine fighting group in combat on the frontlines against the Russian invasion, and a profile on the leftist Community Armed Self Defence organisation.



Popular Front is an independent, grassroots magazine that focuses solely on war and conflict journalism, and is not interested in agendas, political trends, or online arguments. 


Size: 190 x 250mm

Pages: 120

Popular Front #1