Popeye Magazine #902 | June 2022

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Titled 'A new life with my car', the new Popeye is all about motors! Not your common or garden Ford Focuses either - there are plenty of hotwheels on display here to gladden any car lover - vintage Golfs, MGBs, Beemers and even a Toyota Deliboy van! There are car wash fashion shoots, speciality auto stores, Japanese road trips and mechanics you can really rely upon. And, of course, it's all done with an impeccable sense of taste.



Tokyo-based Popeye Magazine was founded in 1976 and is the 'Magazine for City Boys'. Published entirely in Japanese.


Size: 297 x 236mm

Pages: 154

Language: Japanese

Popeye Magazine #902 | June 2022 | Colours May Vary