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Polly Fern Vase Brooch 'Birds & People' (White)

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Based in Norwich, and in her own words, Polly Fern is 'an illustrator, ceramicist and canary keeper'.

She takes inspiration for her work from historical and childhood stories translating them into ceramic pieces. Each design is made by collaging papercut illustrations onto the clay, she paints over the paper using a pigmented slip which is peeled away to reveal the resisted characters.

Each of these little vase pins are handmade with white earthenware clay, decorated with black underglazes and fired without a glaze for a matte effect.

Each vase is unique, is mounted on a card and has been signed on the back.

Please check individual listings for measurements.

Birds and People Vase Pin measures: 80 x 46mm

Polly Fern Vase Brooch 'Birds & People' (White)