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Bricks and mortar were always important to us. To have a shop where people came - to look, chat, feel, buy - it was the reason we opened Colours May Vary. To create a space where we could hang out, where we could bring beautiful things together from near and far, where we could collaborate, meet new people, organise events. Shops can be so much more than, you know...just shops.


This new publication, put together by the folks at 91 Magazine, is, like a good shop, a thoughtful edit. Places to Shop contains 75 independent retail spaces spread across the UK - from Edinburgh to Falmouth and from Norfolk to Belfast - each one a shining gem amid an increasingly generic and tepid high street. Here you'll find brands that have grown organically into singular stores, places that celebrate craft and artisanship, retail spaces that transform into workshop areas, and shops that bring together carefully selected and considered items that, perhaps, you haven't seen out in the wild before. 


Wherever we go, we are always on the look out for interesting, considered, and eye-opening shops. In the future, this guide will be coming with us. Also... if you're ever in Leeds, flip to page 116 and you'll find us among the esteemed company (thanks guys :))


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Places to shop – Independent Lifestyle Stores Across The UK | 91 Magazine