Pit Magazine #5

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Summer is coming. It isn't an aching corn or cows standing up that's telling us, but the first Pit magazine of the year. Legendary Texan breakfasts, beer can chicken, jerk seasoning, whole hog eating, grilled aubergines and lamb in the back garden... rhubarb. All that's missing is a dash of salt... and there's a whole guide to using that properly. Ahh summer is almost here, go forth an grill!


Pit is the magazine of food and fire, and that means getting out of the kitchen and firing up the barbecue (or jerk drum, fire pit and mackerel grill). Issued in the warmer months, pit is perfect for the outdoor chef.


It's all about the bangers - great cover courtesy of James Lambert. 

Pit Magazine #5 - Colours May Vary