Pit Magazine #4

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Could there be a magazine which is more perfectly suited to the summer of 2018 than Pit? The ubiquitous smell of damp grass has been replaced by the aroma of charring coals -so it holds that a copy of the 'food and fire' magazine rolled up in your back pocket is an absolute summer essential. In the new issue you'll find Nigerian Suya barbecued beef on the grills of Ikoyi in London (with a recipe for intrepid home grillers!), the sizzling spicy bangers of East Texas, a close look at the global sauce explosion, and a swig or two of caribbean rum punch.


Pit is the magazine of food and fire, and that means getting out of the kitchen and firing up the barbecue (or jerk drum, fire pit and mackerel grill). Issued in the warmer months, pit is perfect for the outdoor chef.


I bloody love squid me, so the inclusion of three recipes for cooking this tasty cephalopod on the barbecue can only be a good thing. 

Pit Magazine #4