Pictoplasma Magazine #2 | Character Care

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'Character Care', the second issue of Pictoplasma's excellent new magazine is all about 'characters with a cause', the role they play in today's visual discourse and how they are used to communicate different messages, be that an awareness of mental health issues, the push for diversity or the encouragement of activism.


Inside we meet the Afro-Belgian animator Loulou João whose Focketverse examines perceptions of blackness and femininity, chat with comic maker Timothy Winchester, whose day-glo world is populated with fun and relatable LGBTQ+ characters, and speak to Brighton-based duo (and top bananas) Yuk Fun about how BLM and the Covid pandemic focussed their work on raising anti-racist awareness.


This is just the tip of a joyous, vibrant and insightful iceberg, which include Yrùrarí's beautiful, sustainable knits, Ton Mak's curvaceous and corpulent Flabjacks, and the sensory animation of Youtube sensation Felix Cosgrave.



Size: 210 x 315mm

Pages: 168

Pictoplasma Magazine #2 | Character Care | Colours May Vary