Piccolo Seeds | Zinnia 'Peppermint Stick'

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Piccolo Seeds was born in 2012, the same year as us! They offer vegetables, fruits, edible flowers, herbs and plants specially designed for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces. We love their concept and adore that beautiful packaging. 


Zinnia’s modern history is relatively new. Native to Mexico, it wasn’t studied until seeds were brought to Europe in the 19th century. Soon after, the garden zinnia was bred, yielding hundreds of cultivars with a wide range of flower colours, sizes and forms. Peppermint stick is one of those vintage cultivars that first appeared in 1950s flower catalogues and is still appreciated for its delicate flowers with red stripes and speckles that come in a mix of cream, orange, white and yellow. Before being just an ornamental, zinnias were valued as a healing plant by the Navajo tribe; for some Pueblo tribes, zinnias are a symbol of wisdom and are fed to young children in hopes of making them grow up intelligent.


Amaranth 'Zinnia 'Peppermint Stick'


Indoor Feb-Mar
Outdoor Apr-jun


Germination 10-25 days
Harvesting 60 days

*Expiry date on these seeds in 2025, so plenty of time to buy and plant!

Piccolo Seeds | Zinnia 'Peppermint Stick' | Colours May Vary