Piccolo Seeds | Lesser Calamint 'Common'

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Piccolo Seeds was born in 2012, the same year as us! They offer vegetables, fruits, edible flowers, herbs and plants specially designed for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces. We love their concept and adore that beautiful packaging. 


Lesser calamint is a relatively uncommon perennial herb that grows in clumps of shiny, green, oregano-like leaves with lavender pink flowers. It has a strong herbal aroma that is reminiscent of mint and oregano. Lesser calamint is commonly used as an herb in Mediterranean cuisine, particularly in Italy, where it is known as nepetella or mentuccia romana, owing to its importance in Roman culinary tradition. The Latin name nepeta derives from the Etruscan town of Nepete, where it was cultivated and used as a medicinal herb. Despite its medicinal properties, lesser calamint should not be consumed during pregnancy.


Amaranth 'Lesser Calamint 'Common''



Indoor Feb-Mar
Outdoor Apr-Jun


Germination 7-21 days
Harvesting 60-90 days

*Expiry date on these seeds in 2025, so plenty of time to buy and plant!

Piccolo Seeds | Lesser Calamint 'Common' | Colours May Vary