Piccolo Seeds | Catnip 'Nepeta'

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Piccolo Seeds was born in 2012, the same year as us! They offer vegetables, fruits, edible flowers, herbs and plants specially designed for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces. We love their concept and adore that beautiful packaging. 


The name ‘Nepeta’ is derived from the Etrurian city of Neptic, where, historically, this catnip plant is thought to have grown extensively. In France, where catnip is called herbe aux chats, it was used to make tea, prior to the arrival of Chinese teas. Nowadays, the most well-known use of catnip is as a attractant for cats. It’s the nepetalactone compound that our furry friends are drawn to – it has strong behavioural effects across the cat family.


Catnip 'Nepeta'


Indoor Not required
Outdoor Feb-Mar *


Germination 7-15 days
Harvesting 40-60 days

Expiry date on these seeds in 2025, so plenty of time to buy and plant 


Each pack contains more details to the back, so scroll across our images to learn more!

*Expiry date on these seeds in 2023, so plenty of time to buy and plant!

Piccolo Seeds - Catnip 'Nepeta' - Colours May Vary
Piccolo Seeds - Catnip 'Nepeta' - Colours May Vary
Piccolo Seeds | Catnip 'Nepeta'