Pessimism is for Lightweights | Salena Godden

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Subtitled '30 pieces of courage and resistance', Pessimism is for lightweights is a collection of poetry by author, poet and activist Salena Godden. Originally released as one of the first Rough Trade Editions in 2019, this handsomely published hardback edition has been greatly expanded and features 30 poems that tackle, among other subjects, homelessness, poverty, racism, class, immigration and identity.


Godden writes in her dedication "This book is dedicated to every person who is using their muscle, their voice, their platform, their work, their art, their time and energy to speak out and stand up for human rights and a better tomorrow.". It is a book full of optimism, hope, and inspiration. It is also very funny in places, and knows how to hit home and make a point. It's a very good read for these times.

Oh, and there's a new foreword by John Higgs, an Old English translation by Emily Cotman and a stunning design by everyones favourite Barnsley-born designer Craig Oldham.


Size: 153 x 215mm

Pages: 100

Binding: hardcover

Publisher: Rough Trade

Pessimism is for Lightweights | Salena Godden | Colours May Vary