Paperboy #3

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A new Paperboy can only mean one thing - good news! Inside - find out what Margaret Howell chooses for her simple things, learn some ace homemade life hacks from Florent Tanet, and enjoy Tom Craig's presentation of white pants and colourful socks.


Elsewhere Jaffa Cakes, Clubs, Shortbread Fingers and Bourbon biscuits star in a tea break special, Lou Stoppard walks the galleries of the described past, giggling loudly, and there is, attached at the very back, a fortune telling goldfish.



Designed to lighten a reader's day, Paperboy is a biannual delight - handsomely published, and featuring world-renowned writers rubbing shoulders with top-notch graduates and school kids.


Size: 210 x 275mm (comes in a poly bag)

Pages: 100 

Paperboy #3 | Colours May Vary