One Ingredient Recipes | Martijn In 't Veld

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Isn't it frustrating when your finger skims down the recipe you want to cook and lands upon 'black garlic', or 'Rose Harissa'? I mean, who has that stuff floating around in their cupboard?

This charming and funny book by Martijn In 't Veld takes all of the pressure off, offering recipes with just one ingredient and no cooking whatsoever. Here's an example:

Bread Crumb. Put the bread crumb on the tip of your finger. Look at it. Imagine the bread crumb to be the size of a planet. Eat the planet. Spin around in happiness.

Now, there's a recipe that anyone can follow and, bonus, no washing up! Beautifully illustrated with bold and simple Bruna-esque illustrations - this is a joy.

Size: 105×148mm 

Pages: 128

Publisher: Happy Potato Press


One Ingredient Recipes | Martijn In 't Veld | Colours May Vary