On the Necessity of Gardening | Laurie Cluitmans (Ed)

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'On the Necessity of Gardening', a beautiful large format book from Valiz Publishing in Amsterdam, tells the story of the garden as a rich source of inspiration. Once seen as a place of harmony, refuge, fecundity and peace, the garden is now often seen as a tool and metaphor for thinking and reflecting upon the times in which we now live. It can symbolise authority and power and a colonial past, but can also represent healing, nurturing and care.


Inside, longer-form essays find their place alongside encyclopaedic entries as we tour through follies, encounter invasive species, enter labyrinths and gaze upon the wilderness.


This handsome title is an extensive abecedarium of the garden which takes us from algae to zen gardens and stopping to visit many places on the way. Full of illustrations, artworks and photographs that illuminate the text (beautifully printed on Munken paper) - this is a garden to get lost in.


Size: 240 x 320mm

Pages: 240

Publisher: Valiz

On the Necessity of Gardening | Laurie Cluitmans (Ed) | Colours May Vary