Oh Shit What Now? by Craig Oldham

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Craig Oldham once delivered one of the best lectures I have ever witnessed. It was delivered as part of his Democratic Lecture series and was on internships. It was full of no bullsh*t, straight down the line, common sense advice punctuated with 'do you kiss your mother with that mouth' swearing and plenty of laughs. We all enjoyed listening to Craig talk, and we think you will enjoy reading his words just as much. Whether new to the world of graphic design or not, this book works as a guide through the occupational minefields and pitfalls of the profession from someone who has navigated them, wrestled them and probably sworn heartily at them. 

The bold typography, fluoro ink highlights, fat glued spine and beermat stock make this, not only a great guide, but a good looking beast too.

Size: 150 x 211mm

Pages: 128

Publisher: Laurence King




Oh Sh*t What Now? by Craig Oldham