Offscreen Magazine #22

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Issue #22 of Offscreen continues to bring us members of the tech community who are actively shaping the future of our planet. Inside this beautifully printed issue, we meet digital designer and futurist Cennydd Bowles, author of 'How To Do Nothing' Jenny Odell, writer, educator and product strategist Paul Ford, and futurist, designer and director of Superflux Anab Jain.


With its strapline of ‘People Behind the Bits and Pixels’, Offscreen takes us behind the screen you are looking at to the people who are using the internet and technology creatively and are building interesting, successful businesses. 


Micro wind turbines, phone charging cookstoves and lease-to-own solar energy are just a few of the 'Bright Objects' presented in this issue.

Offscreen Magazine #22 - Colours May Vary