Offscreen Magazine #20

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Offscreen reaches its 7th birthday with the launch of issue #20 and continues to bring us members of the tech community who are actively shaping the future of our planet. Inside this beautifully printed issue (check out that gorgeous copper that flows through each page) we meet Richard Pope, a designer working towards a more open digital society, Amber Case, who studies the impact of technology on how we live, Aza Ruskin, a polymath and interface designer grappling with how society interacts with technology and global tech ethnographer Tricia Wang


With its strap line of ‘People Behind the Bits and Pixels’, Offscreen takes us behind the screen you are looking at to the people who are using the internet and technology creatively, and are building interesting, successful businesses. Handsomely published, beautifully printed and with it’s colour coding and marginalia, gorgeously laid out.


A lovely recap of all 20 issues, which catches up with the whereabouts of all 100 previous interviewees.

Offscreen Magazine #20