Offscreen Magazine #19

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The four new interviewees that sit down to chat in the new issue of Offscreen are: 

 Jocelyn K. Glei - a passionate writer on careers, creativity and work.

Angus Hervey - a political economist on a mission to prove the benefits of science and technology.

Ashleigh Axios - the creative director of Obama's White House

Bryce Roberts - a venture capitalist exploring an investment strategy with a fairer and more humble concept behind it.


With its strap line of ‘People Behind the Bits and Pixels’, Offscreen takes us behind the screen you are looking at to the people who are using the internet and technology creatively, and are building interesting, successful businesses. Handsomely published, beautifully printed and with it’s colour coding and marginalia, gorgeously laid out.


The Primo Toys coding robot - an abacus-like wooden toy that teaches kids to code.


Offscreen Magazine #19