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Harold McGee is a true gastronome (Heston Blumenthal credits him with teaching him the science behind cooking )and Nose Dive is his weighty guide to the smells of the universe! Taking us on an olfactory journey, McGee introduces us to the chemistry of smelling - why do we smell what we smell, why does beer smell different to daffodils, why does cut grass smell like that? 

This is a full story too - so we get to head back, to the interstellar origins of the molecules that trigger our perceptions - a time before noses and a time before things to sniff! It is a work of huge scope and astounding scholarship - but one that is as accessible as the smells all around us.

In this current climate, where we hold our breath and cover our noses with masks, this wonderful book will reinvigorate your senses and help you reevaluate the world around you.

Size: 236 x 159 x 52mm

Pages: 688

Publisher: John Murray

Nose Dive | Harold McGee | Colours May Vary