Northern Formations | Corridor 8

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"We are surrounded by sculpture in the North of England, not just in galleries, but in art schools, sculpture parks, public monuments and festivals. Here, sculpture is always in close dialogue with the landscape itself, whether the topography of sculpture parks, the patina of lichen on standing stones, crags and rocks, or informal monuments like cairns, new and modern."


Northern Formations is a collection of responses by writers and artists to the unusual proliferation of sculpture across the North, through history and in the present day.


Here you'll find essays pondering the nature of sculpture parks and viewing the obelisks of Northern England as community totems. Elsewhere, reflections on orphaned and preserved stone remnants hidden in the museum, recollections of finding repurposed building stone (spolia) on the outskirts of York, and the story of a 200 year old obelisk which towers over the Calder valley. Oh, and be warned, here there be monsters... or stickers of monsters anyway.


Size: 175 X 285mm (softcover, perfect bound)

Pages: 100

Publisher: Corridor 8



Northern Formations | Corridor 8 | Colours May Vary