Noble Rot #17 'Champagne Underground'

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The cover of the new Noble Rot places champagne front and centre, in a shot not a million miles away from that famous Daily Mirror photo of the Sex Pistols shaking things up with an exploding can of lager. Here it is Anselme and Guillaume Selosse, who are reinvigorating and reimagining France's famous bubbly. Noble Rot takes a trip through France's effervescent underground and Jon Bonne looks towards the future of this iconic fizz. Elsewhere the boss of XL Recordings, Richard Russell, stops for a chat (eauneuf-du-pape), there's a look at famous food scenes in films and Ralph Steadman talks art and wine.


Noble Rot is the new home of exciting and passionate wine writing, forged by friends Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew. Always beautifully illustrated and accessibly written, this compact, ad-free independent is changing the way we think about wine.


Noble Rot's guide to the new UK cheeses on the block.

Noble Rot #17 'Champagne Underground'