No Finish Line | Actual Source

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No Finish Line is a book celebrating Nike's design vision for the next 50 years. Beautifully designed by Zak Group and handsomely published by Actual Source, this new title features a foreword by Nike’s Chief Design Officer, and fiction pieces by Los Angeles-based writer Geoff Manaugh. A series of essays by Sam Grawe draw on exploratory conversations around sport research, technology and manufacturing at Nike, and describe the major design shifts — in service of athletes and sport — projected for the coming five decades.


This pocket-sized publication has been beautifully designed and puts us in mind of some of the experimental paperbacks of the 1960s - especially McLuhan's 'The Medium is the Message' - where design and content weave together in a visually compelling mix of image and text (hats off to the illustrations by Bráulio Amado).


Size: 135 x 210mm

Pages: 192

Publisher: Actual Source


Size: 178 x 178 mm

Pages: 64

Publisher: Actual Source

No Finish Line | Actual Source | Colours May Vary