Mundial Magazine #21

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That 'all sport is cancelled' thing might have been a bit premature. Why? Coz bloody Mundial is here to put a smile on our great big football faces. This is their coming of age issue too, so expect a big, grown-up edition... yeah, right! Inside you'll find 186 of the most exciting, terrifying and baffling things about football (I guess there will be something to add the next time this list rolls around), the evolution of Zidane, a profile on Michelle Akers, and a pre-season friendly in Tallinn. So put down Football Manager for an hour and pick yourself up with another epic Mundial.


Mundial Magazine touts itself as a 'really good football magazine' and we can't really argue with that. With a focus on the beautiful game both home and away, it takes us from the Sunday leagues to the superstars and does so with wit and flair that's hard to match.


Glenn Hoddle's eighties haircuts are always a nice respite.

Mundial Magazine #21 - Colours May Vary