Mundial Magazine #17

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There's a 'play it again' gag in here somewhere. the new Mundial has landed (Yeah!) and brings with it the usual plethora of the beautiful game's editions, iterations and renditions. Inside (and on the cover) we visit the madness of the Casablanca Derby, revisit the trials and travails of Bobby Robson's tenure in Portugal, travel with the Cofi Army of Caernarfon Town FC, and meet the chairman of Worthing Town FC, the youngest club chairman in the country.


Mundial Magazine touts itself as a 'really good football magazine' and we can't really argue with that. With a focus on the beautiful game both home and away, it takes us from the Sunday leagues to the superstars and does so with wit and flair that's hard to match.


 A nice feature on Gerry Cranham - 'one of the greatest sports photographers of all time'.

Mundial Magazine #17