More Is More: Designing Bigger, Bolder & Brighter | Victionary

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As Busta Rhymes once said, gimme some more! 'More is More' is part of Victionary's 20th-anniversary celebrations and brings us BIG, BOLD and BRIGHT design. A challenge to the clean lines, white space stranglehold that design and layout sometimes maintain, 'More is More' is full of rule-breaking maximalism where vivid colour and clashing palettes reign. Poster design, packaging and publications abound inside, all in glorious and glitchy greatness.


Showcasing work from almost 60 creatives from across the globe, and featuring in-depth insight and interviews from studios Ordinary People, Studio Yukiko and Brando Corradini.


Size: 185 x 255mm

Pages: 288

Publisher: Victionary

More Is More: Designing Bigger, Bolder & Brighter | Colours May Vary